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Valle Intelvi

Not far from Como and Milano (Italy), neither from Lugano (Switzerland) this valley is one of the places where people like to retire after a long week of hard work or study. You will never find the confusion that is typical of other more conventional places. Its inhabitants as well as its tourists do not like to be disturbed.

Besides the cows, the sheeps, the goats, the hens, the cocks, the pigs and the bees the inhabitans have been breading for a long time, lots of animals still live in the hoods and often come and visit the gardens that are open at night. It is easy to meet foxes, hedgehogs, squirrels, chamoises, pheasants, snakes and vipers if you go walking not far from the villages even on the main roads. Nedstat Counter

Often referred from its lovers as "Green of Lombardia", Valle Intelvi is not far from Milano: it takes only an hour and a half to reach Lanzo Intelvi, on the Swiss border, in the deepest of the valley, and it could take less (an hour only) passing through Val Mara, a pictoresque and narrow valley, on the Swiss side.