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Welcome to Our Nervous System

Some people say that the World Wide Web is a graphical extension of the information superhighway, just a network of humans and machines sending each other long lists of the equivalent of digital junk mail.
I think it is much more than that. To me, the Web is nothing less than the nervous system of the entire planet - not just a collection of computer brains connected together, but more like a billion silicon neurons entangled and recirculating electro-chemical signals of information and data, each contributing to the birth of another CPU and another Web site.
Think of each person's hard disk connected at once to every other hard disk on earth, driven by human navigators searching like Columbus for the New World. Seen this way the Web is more of a super entity, a growing, living thing, controlled by the universal human will to expand, to be more. Yet, unlike a purposeful business plan with rigid rules, the Web expands in a nonlinear, unpredictable, creative way that echoes natural evolution.
Mitchell Waite
excerpt from Message from the Publisher,
JavaScript Primer Plus
First edition, October 1996
Waite Group Press

Not all of the available sections are to be considered complete and probably none can be ever. There is often material for other pages that is added long after the official release of the section, so give a try to the sections with the upd letters on the left. There might have been a revolution.

Coming Soon Sections
You are going to see the names of the places that will be added or of the sections that have been requested by the site surfers - probably you - often before they can be fully accessible. This means they will be available on the next update or that I am simply working on them for you.. So, be patient if something inside these areas is not working properly because it is going to be soon fixed.

Experimental Feature
Since the site is growing bigger and bigger (almost 50 pages available on line) I have been working on providing a fast and easy way of changing section, with no overwhelming menu links.
Starting from the latest versions of MSIE a new feature - accesskey - is available and I am evaluating the possibilty to reach the many sections (Athens,Avignon,..Portraits,Links) not only by clicking with the mouse on the proper hyperlinks but also by using the sequence Alt+(KEY) where (KEY) is the bold letter of the section you find in the entrance menu.
If you want to try it, do it now from this page only: eg. Alt+M for Amsterdam.

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