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Tuesday, June 23, 1998

I have devoted this section to the faces I have captured with the digital still camera I have been always taking with me. Many predestined victims are, of course, members of the family and friends with whom I spend my time. When it all began, I was not looking for the perfect picture: I was timidly looking for something through which I might have improved my HTML. This was happening not so many months ago. It was a cold day of January 1998.. and today I am reorganizing the pages and the pictures I took and collected since then.

A new point of view
This kind of cyber album might be well suited to everyone since noone is forced to look at it - e.g. think at a never ending holiday movie a friend has taken - and at the same time it is at your disposal. The author creates the pages, puts them online and friends, relatives, parents and whoever - maybe you - can choose when to browse and what to see, 24h a day, forever. It sounds great and it is. If you like a picture, it is easy to get it: you just save it as you always do with the many others you encounter while surfing the web.

Positive feedback
The cyber album works. There is a long list of events and situations I could describe since the early days of these pages, but I will not bore you. I will mention only two of them.

  • My friend Paola has got relatives overseas she has not been meeting for years. She has told them to watch her on the net. It was great when she told me she had given this site address to them. Thanks, Paola.
  • Elena and Philipp just relocated in Los Angeles. Suddenly my brother asked me some more pictures of his wife. Those online were not so good and Elena wanted a new set. Great!

Alberto Vassena
Tuesday, June 23, 1998

P.S. The girl above is not a member of the family, neither the picture is mine, but she was so lovely that I decided to let her open the show anyway..

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