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Picture by Adrianova, 1998 ©Hi. The following pages have been assembled with the pictures taken in a week-end journey to the French Southern Coast. The idea of sharing our snaps has grown and evolved by itself. What was at first a family album is now a collection of images, something I have been working on from a graphical point of view, something with history related material that is entering a new dimension that we think it might be of interest for the many of you who are not belonging to the family and who are looking for anything available on a town, a nice place where you would like to go, a nice place where to live and where others already live. Do not waste time any more and come on in. You are welcome! Click Here

Port Grimaud
snap You are here Cote d'Azur Avignon Palais des Papes - I This area is best viewed
with either MSIE or NN
version 3.0x
Palais des Papes - II Leaving Avignon Camargue Fragments