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This is the glorious entrance to the Acropolis and its monuments constructed as part of the Pericles program. Propylaea erected between 437 and 432 BC were the work of the famous Athenian architect Mnesikles. ERECHTHEION Built in 420-406 BC on that part of the Acropolis held to be the most sacred, the place where the goddess Athena had caused her most sacred emblem, the olive tree, to sprout.

Parthenon housed the golden-ivory statue of Athena, work of the famous sculptor Pheidias. This statue was the final destination of the Great Panathenaea procession, depicted on the frieze of the temple.
Under the Parthenon of the Classical times there are remains of the monumental Ur-Parthenon. an Archaic temple dated in the late 6th century BC. The architects of the Classical temple, which was constructed and decorated between 447 and 432 BC during the Golden Age of Pericles, were lktinos and Kallikrates.

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